Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Warning: Bad Poetry!

I make absolutely no claims about my poetic attempts, except to say that anyone with any esthetic sense at all may find the following the poetic equivalent of the infamous Driver's Education film. Non-masochists should leave now.

by Carter Nipper
Copyright © 2005 by Carter Nipper. All rights reserved.

On Sunday morning she rises,
waking to the blaring of the city's carillon.
She takes her daily Communion
Of coffee and toast, her knees to weak to kneel.
Then she waits for her son,
his obligatory weekly visit.

The Wedding Glass
by Carter Nipper
Copyright © 2005 by Carter Nipper. All rights reserved.

Into a glass
So bright
It flows
Love's mantra.

An Unholy Communion
by Carter Nipper
Copyright © 2005 by Carter Nipper. All rights reserved.

"Eat me," He cried.
So they did,
And He died.

Sweet dreams. :)


Made some progress on "Wolf Moon" this morning. Between editing and writing new words, I had a net gain of around 200 words. First 2 scenes are complete. This evening I'm working on evaluating the scenes in depth using the criteria of Character, Conflict, Crisis, and Conclusion. This way, I can make sure I don't have anything extraneous hanging around. I may not get much done on it tomorrow, but I have a 4-day weekend coming up with rain predicted for Saturday and Sunday, so I'll have a little free time from yard work.

"But I'm feeling much better now"

Back has settled into muscle aches with only the occasional twinge. It should be back to normal by Friday. Mood has also improved considerably. I didn't drop as low as I feared this time, which is extremely good. My Spring depressions are often really bad.

I'm creeping back to life
My nervous system all awry
I'm wearing the inside out
--Anthony Wright "Wearing the Inside Out"

I know I keep quoting this, but it just perfectly expresses the feeling of recovering from a relapse of depression. I do feel reborn, renewed. but still jangled. It's an odd feeling. But then, I'm odd in all sorts of ways. :)

Last Time on Schiavo (Maybe)

Isn't there anybody involved with this case that has the balls to admit what they are doing and try to show a little basic compassion? You're killing this woman! Let's call it what it really is: involuntary euthanasia. As Holly pointed out so succinctly, if she didn't write it down, she didn't say it. The only assumption we can make is that her husband wants her dead, and that's what he's going to get.

What bothers me more than anything and what makes me so fucking mad is the absoluyte lack of compassion or humanity. These animals are starving this woman to death, for God's sake! Isn't there anybody around there with enough balls to give her a shot of something that will kill her quickly and painlessly? What has she done to deserve treatment we wouldn't even consider for our pets? Fucking animals.

Stupidity coupled with blatant hypocrisy just burns me up.

Monday, March 21, 2005


Watched Dragons on Animal Planet last night. You must see this! The CGI effects are awesome. The courtship scene is absolutely spectacular! The producers put a lot of thought into this film and a lot of work bringing dragons to life.

My only quibble with them is that they portray dragons as non-sentient animals driven by instinct. We all know that's not true, don't we? Dragons were (some say are) intelligent beings at least on a par with humans. The comparison is somewhat difficult, though. Very large, semi-magical flying reptiles of necessity think much differently than mundane, barely-out-of-trees simians. Apples and oranges.

Dragons typify the magic that exists in the world. They are mysterious and powerful, deadly alien, the dangerous unknown that is just beyond our understanding. Man's relationship with dragons exemplify the best and the worst of the human spirit. At the same time we see how the human race accepts challenges and triumphs over seemingly overwhleming odds and our very real penchant for destroying the unknowable and uncontrollable.

If dragons had never existed, we would certainly have had to create them.

The pain of it all

So on top of everything else, I strained my back yesterday. Son-of-a-bitch it hurt! Still does when I move wrong, which is often. Sometimes I have to be forcibly dragged back into the physical plane and forced to acknowledge the world around me. I also need to whacked on the head occasionally and reminded of one very important concept:

When you're up to your ass in alligators, it's hard to remember that your original intention was to drain the swamp.

I often think that my life needs a warning label.