Monday, January 02, 2006

Pass In Review!

Ok, I'm back. Thanks to everyone for the expressions of sympathy. We've finally got most of the details settled. Death is just too complicated a business these days. I recommend avoiding it whenever possible. ;-)

Around this time last year, I was considering my goals for 2005. One thing I certainly learned in 2005 was the truth of the saying about the best laid plans. I only completed one of my declared goals, but I also accomplished an awful lot that I didn't plan on. I commented last December that I thought 2005 would be a break-out year for me. Ah, the confidence of youth! Again, life had other plans for me. I do actually consider last year to have been a break-out year, just not in the way I envisioned. Here's a breakdown of 2005's goals and accomplishements:

1. Finished first draft of WITB: average of 2k words per week. I can do that. Didn't make this one, though I did get some 27K words done. I learned an enormous amount about novel writing and about the story I am trying to tell. Progress continues apace.
2. Finish and submit one short story per month. Also eminently do-able. Didn't make this one, either. I did finish several stories that I really like, and sketched out several more that have great promise. Submission has become a regular habit.
3. Finish and submit one article for each issue of Vision (6 issues). No sweat. 3 articles and 1 Web site review. I can live with that.
4. Minimum 25 points in the Great Rejection Slip Contest at Forward Motion. Made 10 points in 4 1/2 months this year, so that seems reasonable. This one I made: 38 points.

In concrete terms (details here):

1 short story publication
3 articles and 1 Web review in Vision
6 articles for Associated Content
6 book reviews for Green Man Review

Not much in the way of income, but a lot of exposure and a lot of practice. Good for me.

Now for 2006. Should I even set detailed goals, knowing in advance that things won't work out the way I plan? I think I'll just leav it at: Write enough and well enough that I can continue to feel good about my progress and submit constantly. The rest will take care of itself.

Hope everybody has a great 2006.


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